ASN Lookup Tools, Strategies and Techniques

This article covers the concept of ASN, the different types of ASN, and we were able to test some of the best ASN lookup tools in existence.

Basically, ASN information is another piece of the great networking puzzle that surrounds us, a point in the great Internet ocean that will be overlooked by most of its current users. 

Autonomous System Numbers (ASNs) is an IP prefix is a list of IP addresses that can be reached from that ISP's network. 

The network operators must have an ASN to control routing within their networks and to exchange routing information with other ISPs.

What is ASN Whois Lookup Tool ?

It searches the entered ASN number in ARIN Whois Database and pulls out the company details who originally registered and is using the specified ASN number.

ASN stands for an autonomous system number, and these numbers represent an entire organization or ISP.