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We will fix your Control panel hosting issues

Outsource Path manages server infrastructure covering a wide range of technologies. We take care of all technical support and system management tasks that includes, user administration, resource management, storage/network administration, network/system hardening, performance optimization, backup management, system upgrades and more.

We will help to manage, troubleshoot your Control Panel errors and issues including;

Basic support tasks such as:

  • File/folder permissions issues.
  • Website not loading.
  • Hosting Control Panel issues.
  • MySQL issues.
  • PHP issues.
  • IIS handler mappings.
  • CGI issues.
  • Request tracing etc.
  • DNS issues/zone updates.
  • Apache modules installation/recompiling.
  • PHP upgrades.
  • OS updates.
  • Services/roles installations.
  • Mails bounce backs, blacklisting troubleshooting, anti-spamming.
  • WordPress upgrades.
  • WordPress security audit.
  • Joomla upgrades.
  • Server overloading.
  • SSL certificate installation.
  • Failure of services startup.
  • Mail server issues.

We support control panels as briefly introduced below;


cPanel is a Linux-based web hosting control panel that provides a graphical interface and automation tools designed to simplify the process of hosting a web site.


Plesk is a web hosting automation program that provides a web interface to manage web, mail, DNS, database and other services on Linux and Windows servers.


DirectAdmin is a web hosting control panel that offers user/reseller management and services management on Red Hat, BSD and Debian compatible Linux systems.


Interworx is a Linux based web hosting control panel that has a server administrator interface called NodeWorx and a website owner interface called SiteWorx.


Webmin is the oldest surviving web hosting control panel that now supports both Linux and Windows server administration, and is extensible through modules.


ISPmanager supports a wide range of third-party software and enables management of various services such as web, database and mail through a central web-interface.


WebsitePanel is an open source control panel for Windows hosting that enables users to manage their hosting environment from a centralized web-interface.


Vesta Control panel is an open source, free, easy to install and configure web based control panel for Linux like systems. Using VestaCP anyone, even a novice system administrators is able to manage websites in VPS.

What do we do?

24/7 emergency administration

The responsiveness of a cPanel server affects the popularity and SEO ranking of sites hosted in it. We restore failed services, or even liaise with your service provider to restart the server if it’s needed.

Service configuration assistance

Web owners often require assistance in configuring their web applications and client devices. We help cPanel account owners setup or troubleshoot their web/mail services with detailed step-by-step assistance.

Service performance assistance

The loading speed of a website can be adversely affected by issues such as resource hungry plugins, database optimization, etc. When a performance issue is reported, we quickly find the bottle neck, and restore the service quality.

Account security assistance

Websites are frequently targets for external attacks such as spamming, website defacement, malware hosting, etc. We help cPanel account owners quickly recover from an attack, and restore domain reputation.

Crash recovery assistance

A web application upgrade or a website update can sometimes result in lost or corrupted data. We assist cPanel account owners restore lost data through database repairs, mail box repairs, backup restores, etc.

Account setup and migration

New account setup involves a series of steps such as name server setup, DNS updates, data migration, etc. We help new cPanel account owners quickly setup their services by providing detailed step-by-step assistance.

Account administration and upgrades

It is normal for webmasters to require more features or more resources as business needs expand. As a support team, we help your customers grow with you by assisting them in adding services such as SSL, additional IP, increased quota, etc.

Need urgent Hosting Panel Support? We are available to help you today.

You need to opt for one plan at a time. Troubleshooting would be provided as mentioned in each plan.
In case of shared hosting, Control Panel and FTP access. In case of dedicated server or virtual machine, root or administrator access.
Yes, I will support shared hosting but could only fix the issue to the extent a control panel provides to its user. For example, I could not enable shell access for you unless your host allow this specifically for your account. Similarly I cannot upgrade PHP for you nor MySQL.

Basic technical support covering basic issues of web hosting

  • 24/7 support
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Server Management, Apache IIS advanced troubleshooting, database restoration, DNS issues.

  • Server Monitoring
  • Server updates
  • Server Migration
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