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Sandbox failed to start with error 0xc030106 in Windows 10

Sometimes, Windows users encounter an error when trying to run the Windows Sandbox which says, “Windows Sandbox failed to start, Error 0xc0370106, The virtual machine or container exited unexpectedly”.
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In this context, we shall look into the main causes of this error and how best to get rid of it.

What triggers Windows error "Sandbox failed to start with error 0xc030106" ?

This error in Windows Sandbox occurs as a result of some issues with the supporting virtualization component in Windows.
Also, other factors could be responsible.

Below, we will look into different methods to fix this error.

How to fix Windows error "Sandbox failed to start with error 0xc030106" ?

To fix this error, there are several tips to check out. You can try running the Windows Sandbox as an administrator.
You should also make sure that all the supporting processes are running properly, as well as try to install any pending Windows Updates.

1. Try to run Windows Sandbox as an admin
To do this, follow the steps given below;

i. In the Start Menu, scroll down until you see the entry for the Windows Sandbox.
ii. Then right click on it and select More and then select the “Run as administrator” option to open it with admin privileges.
iii. Next, if a User Account Control or UAC prompt pops up, just click on Yes to proceed.
iv. You should now be able to open the Windows Sandbox without the error. However, if the error persists, proceed to the next given options below.

2. Ensure that all the supporting processes and services are running properly
If running Windows Sandbox as an administrator didn’t fix the error, you have to ensure that all related processes for Windows Sandbox are running properly.
To do that, follow these steps:
i. Tap the Win + R keys to launch the Run utility and type “services.msc” in the field and hit Enter to open the Windows Services Manager.

ii. Next, from the list of services, look for the following services in the given order:
a. Network Virtualization Service
b. Virtual Disk
c. Hyper – V Virtual Machine
d. Hyper – V Host Compute Service
e. Container Manager Services

iii. After you find the aforementioned services, restart each one of them.
iv. Once done, try to open the Windows Sandbox again and see if the error is fixed or not.

3. Try to install any pending Windows Updates
If the second option still didn’t work, then you might want to check Windows Updates in your computer and see if there are any pending Windows Updates you have to install.
All you have to do is go to the Windows 10 Settings app and then go to the Windows Updates section and click on the “Check for updates” button to check if there are any pending updates that's needed to be installed. This could fix the Windows Sandbox error.

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This article will guide you on the different methods to resolve Windows error "Sandbox failed to start with error 0xc030106". Methods to fix Windows Sandbox #error 0xc0370106 includes; 1. Run #Windows Sandbox as Administrator. 2. Re-enable some of the supporting processes. 3. #Install pending Windows Updates. 4. #Disable and Enable Windows #Sandbox. 5. #Uninstall Recent Windows 10 Cumulative #Updates. 6. #System File Checker #Utility. 7. Run #DISM #command.

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