AWS Instance loses network connectivity - Fix this issue now

AWS Instance loses network connectivity - Fix this issue now
Is your AWS instance losing network connectivity or scheduled tasks don't run when expected?

This guide will help you.

Sometimes AWS users experience loses in network connectivity while running an AWS instance.

Here at Ibmi Media, as part of our Server Management Services, we regularly help our Customers to resolve AWS related errors.

What triggers Instance loses network connectivity in AWS ?

Sometimes, when we restart the instance, it loses its network connectivity. This can happen if the instance has the wrong time set.

By default, Windows instances use Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).

So, if we set a different time for the instance then it conflicts with the Windows time. As a result, the instance temporarily loses its IP address when we restart it.

However, the instance regains network connectivity eventually, but this can take several hours. The amount of time that it takes for the instance to regain network connectivity depends on the difference between UTC and the other time zone.

Moreover, this issue can affect the scheduled tasks. 

Thus, the scheduled tasks might not run at their expected time because the instance has the incorrect time.

Instance loses network connectivity – How to resolve this error ?

Follow the steps given below to resolve this error.

1. In order to use a time zone other than UTC persistently, it is necessary to set the RealTimeIsUniversal registry key. 

Without this key, an instance uses UTC after restarting it.

2. Make sure that you are running the recommended PV drivers.

3. Verify that the below registry key exists and is set to 1:


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