Configure Multi-Tenancy in Nagios Log Server - How to perform it

Configure Multi-Tenancy in Nagios Log Server - How to perform it
Are you trying to configure multi-tenancy in Nagios log server?

This guide is for you.

We can restrict which hosts our users can see with the help of multi-tenancy. However, API users and administrators will be able to work around any restrictions placed on them, this functionality only applies to regular users.
Here at Ibmi Media, as part of our Server Management Services, we regularly help our Customers to configure multi-tenancy in Nagios log server.

How to Configure Multi-Tenancy in Nagios ?

Multi-Tenancy works by assigning which hosts a user is allowed to see in the Nagios Log Server interface.
Hosts can also be kept in a host list and then applied to the users who have access.

1. Host List Management

One of the methods for granting access is placing hosts in a host list. This allows us to easily manage hosts as we can simply add and remove hosts from the list and it will automatically be applied to all host objects.
Following are the steps to create a Host list:
1. Firstly, go to Admin and take  Management
2. From there go to Host List Management.
3. After that click the + New Host List button to create a new list.
4. We will be able to see an Add a Host List window.
5. We can add hosts that Nagios Log Server already knows about by using the Known Hosts list field.
6. For this we have to click on each hostname/IP and it will be added to the Selected Hosts field.
We can also manually add hosts by populating additional entries with one IP address per line.
7. Finally, click the Submit button to create the host list.
Once complete, we will be able to see the new list in the table.
We can use the edit icon in the Actions column to make changes to the list or use the delete icon to remove it.

2. User Permission Management

Following are the steps for user permission management.
1. For assigning hosts or host lists to user accounts navigate to Admin and take Management
2. From there go to User Management.
3. After that we have to locate the user which we wish to apply permissions to.
4. And click the Edit button.
5. Then click the Permissions tab on the Edit User page to view the permission settings.
6. Now locate the Restrict Host Visibility section.
7. From here we can either select host lists or directly assign hosts to a user.
Once added, this combined host list acts as a WHITELIST for the user.
8. Finally, click the Save User button to save these updated permissions.

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