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How to fix "NVIDIA GameStream is not working" in Windows 10

Sometimes, GameStream users faces NVIDIA GameStream not working on their Windows 10 computers. This issue is generally caused by improper installation, some glitches with the network and so on. 

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In this context, we shall look into the nature of this error and how to get rid of it quickly.

More information about NVIDIA GameStream?

The GameStream is an NVIDIA service that allows users to stream games from their Windows 10 computers to other supported devices which includes the NVIDIA SHIELD devices. 

However, the service fails to function properly due to factors such as improper installation, some glitches with the network and so on.

In order to resolve this error, you can try the suggested tips provided below.

Methods to fix "NVIDIA GameStream is not working" in Windows 10?

To fix this issue in the NVIDIA GameStream, you can try to lo logout of GameStream and try logging back in again. 

You could also try to update or uninstall and reinstall the drivers related to NVIDIA or fix some network glitches or update the NVIDIA SHIELD device.

For more details, you can refer to each one of the given potential fixes below.

Option 1 – Try to logout and log back in to NVIDIA GameStream

The first thing you can do is to logout and then log back in to NVIDIA GameStream. Some users claimed that by doing this simple task, they were able to resolve the problem. This is probably because with the re-login, the entire cache of the system and service is rebuilt and any bad sectors of that data will be replace with the fresh one so this should resolve the problem with the NVIDIA GameStream, if not, refer to the other given options below.

Option 2 – Try updating the drivers from the official site of NVIDIA

If both the first and second given options didn’t work, you can also try updating the drivers from the official NVIDIA website. And in case you don’t know the type of Nvidia graphics card that your computer is on, follow the steps below:

i. Tap the Win + R keys to open the Run dialog box.

ii. Next type in “dxdiag” in the field and click OK or hit Enter to open the DirectX Diagnostic Tool.

iii. From there, you can see what type of Nvidia graphics card that your system is on.

iv. Take note of your graphics card information and then look for the best drivers for your operating system. Once you’ve downloaded and installed the file, restart your PC.

Option 3 – Try to roll back the driver to the previous version

If updating the NVIDIA display drivers didn’t work for you, then it’s time to roll back the device drivers. It is most likely that after you updated your Windows computer that your driver also needs a refresh.

i. Tap the Win + R keys to launch the Run window and then type in the “msc” command and hit Enter to open the Device Manager window.

ii. Under the Device Manager, you will see a list of drivers. From there, look for the NVIDIA Drivers and expand it.

iii. Next, select the driver entries that are labeled appropriately.

iv. Then select each one of them and double click to open a new mini window.

v. After that, make sure that you’re one the Driver tab and if you are not, just navigate to it then click the Roll Back Driver button to switch back to the previous version of the NVIDIA Drivers.

vi. Now restart your computer to successfully apply the changes made.

Option 4 – Try fixing your network

The next thing you can do to fix the problem with the NVIDIA GameStream is to fix the glitches in your network. Make sure that you connect both of your devices to a 5 GHz Wi-Fi networks and you also have to ensure that the Wi-Fi connection you’re connected to is strong enough for both the devices for the latency to go down. Once you’ve covered all of these things with your network, restart your computer and change the Wi-Fi channel both devices are connected to. This should resolve the problem.

Option 5 – Try to update the NVIDIA SHIELD device

You might also want to update the NVIDIA SHIELD device. There are times when an outdated NVIDIA SHIELD device can result to several issues like the problem with the NVIDIA GameStream. Thus, you need to update NVIDIA SHIELD and check if it fixes the problem or not.

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This tutorial will guide you on the different tips to fix the issue with the NVIDIA GameStream service when the service fails to work in Windows Systems.

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