What to do if the Copy and Paste feature is not working in Windows 10

What to do if the Copy and Paste feature is not working in Windows 10

One of the most basic and commonly used feature in the Windows operating system is the copy and paste feature that helps users accomplish task in a faster and easier way.

However, if you notice that it’s not working properly for some reason, then this guide might be of help as it will provide you with options you can check out to resolve the problem.

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In this context, shall look into the solutions to this Windows error.

What makes Copy and Paste feature to stop working in Windows 10?

You can encounter this kind of problem with the copy and paste feature if some system files are corrupted or if there’s some third party application or process that interferes with this function. Worry not though for there are some options you can check out to fix this. 

You can try to restart the

rdpclip.exe process or the explorer.exe process. 

You could also try to reinstall the program where you encountered the issue with the Copy and Paste function. In addition, you could try clearing the clipboard history or run the built-in tools like DISM tool and SFC scan. 

How to fix Copy and Paste feature if it fails to function in Windows 10?

You could troubleshoot the problem in a Clean Boot State or use the Refresh Windows tool. Now let us look into how to resolve this issue.

Option 1 – Try to restart the rdpclip.exe and the explorer.exe processes

The first thing you can do to resolve the problem is to restart certain processes namely, the rdpclip.exe process and the explorer.exe process via Task Manager.

i. First, right click on your Taskbar and select the Task Manager.

ii. Next, look for the rdpclip.exe process and right click on it and select the End process option.

iii. After that, click on the File tab > Run new task and then type “rdpclip.exe” and tap Enter.

iv. This should help fix the problem. If not, you could also try to restart the explorer.exe process – just look for the explorer.exe process in the Task Manager and right click on it and then select the Restart option.

Option 2 – Try reinstalling the concerned program

If you only experience this issue on a particular program, you might want to uninstall this program and install it back again and then see if it fixed the problem or not.

Option 3 – Try to clear the clipboard history

You could also try clearing the clipboard history as it has been known to help in fixing this kind of issue. You can clear the clipboard history using the command line.

i. Tap the Win + R keys to launch the Run dialog box and type “cmd” in the field and hit Enter to open Command Prompt.

ii. Next, execute this command: echo off | clip

iii. After that, check if the Copy and Paste function is now working properly or not.

Option 4 – Try running the DISM tool

You can run the DISM tool as well to help fix the "Tile Database is corrupt" error. Using this built-in tool, you have various options such as the "/ScanHealth", "/CheckHealth", and "/RestoreHealth".

1. Open the Command Prompt with admin privileges.

2. Then type in the following commands and make sure to hit Enter right after you type each one of them:

i. Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /CheckHealth

ii. Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /ScanHealth

iii. DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth

3. Do not close the window if the process takes a while as it will probably take a few minutes to finish.

4. Once it’s done, check if it was able to fix the corrupted Start Menu or not.

Option 5 – Try to run System File Checker or SFC scan

i. Tap Win + R to launch Run.

ii. Type in cmd in the field and tap Enter.

iii. After opening Command Prompt, type in sfc /scannow and hit Enter.

iv. Once done, restart your computer.

Option 6 – Restart your computer in a Clean Boot State

If a third party program like antivirus is the one that’s causing the problem, you can try put your computer in a Clean Boot State to isolate the issue by following these steps:

i. Log onto your PC as administrator.

ii. Type in msconfig in the Start Search to open the System Configuration utility.

iii. From there, go to the General tab and click “Selective startup”.

iv. Clear the “Load Startup items” check box and make sure that the “Load System Services” and “Use Original boot configuration” options are checked.

v. Next, click the Services tab and select “Hide All Microsoft Services” check box.

vi. Click Disable all.

vii. Click on Apply/OK and restart your PC. (This will put your PC into a Clean Boot State. And to configure Windows to use the usual startup, just simply undo the changes.)

viii. Now try to connect your device or copy the files to your external device again and check if the problem with the Copy and Paste function is fixed.

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