Windows Error 0xc0000142

Windows Error 0xc0000142

Sometimes Windows users experiences Error 0xc0000142 when an application fails to properly initialize. This issues can affect any Windows version.

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In this context, we shall look into the nature of this Windows error and how to tackle it.

More about Windows Error 0xc0000142?

This error can be critical for a computer as it signifies that the system is unstable. Error 0xc0000142 can cause slow performance in a PC, system freeze, startup and shutdown issues, blue screen and errors in installation.

What triggers Windows Error 0xc0000142?

Windows / Application Error 0xc0000142 can occur because of a number of reasons.

When a computer is overload with data, or when system files get broken or missing, this error can occur, and will result in startup and shutdown issues as well as blue screen.

Another reason, and one which is quite common, is improper computer maintenance.

This will cause a PC to perform slow, system freezes and installation errors. This error displays ‘failed to initialize’ on either a Windows error box or the blue screen of death.

How to fix Windows Error 0xc0000142?

Error 0xc0000142 can occur at anytime, but there are different methods to resolve it. 

You can apply the following tips to resolve this issue:

1. Clean the Registry

A corrupted registry is one of the major reasons why this error occurs. Registry is used by the Windows to store information and settings on the computer, which is why it has a large database.

This database contains emails, wallpapers, saved passwords and much more in ‘file path references’. These allow Windows to run the common files in your system. A registry cleaner can fix any errors in the registry database.

2. Malware Scan

Viruses can cause certain applications to not function properly. Hence, download a strong antivirus and run a deep scan on your system and remove any potential infections and spyware.

3. Reinstall Applications

Non-critical applications in a computer are those that are installed by the user. If error 0xc0000142 displays in any of your installed programs, then you should reinstall these programs. Often applications have damaged or corrupted files which can slow them down. 

To resolve this, follow these steps:

i. From Start, click on Control Panel

ii. Go to Add/Remove Programs and uninstall the programs

iii. Restart your PC and reinstall the program

The third step (iii) is not recommended in case the error is caused by cmd.exe

4. Repair Windows

If the error is still in display despite following the previous steps, then you can repair Windows. This process allows Windows to retain all your data and information by simply replacing the program files and settings with fresh ones. This can stop error 0xc0000142 by allowing the programs access to use necessary files smoothly and effectively.

If you cannot resolve the error in any of these steps, then there is another way to do so if you have a computer that runs the Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration (ISA) Server 2000. 

Follow these steps in order to resolve it:

i. Make sure that in Program Files and Microsoft ISA Server, a Clients folder exists. The ISA Server service will run on this folder.

ii. Confirm that Administrators and SYSTEM have Full Control assigned in the Program Files/Microsoft ISA Server/Clients folder.

iii. Confirm that Msplat.txt file is in Clients folder. You can copy this file from other ISA Server computers if it is missing.

iv. If the Clients folder is damaged or is missing, or if you can’t copy the Msplat.tct file from another ISA Server computer, then reinstall the ISA Server 2000.

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