Complete guide to fix Windows Upgrade Error 0x800F081E – 0x20003 in Windows 10

Complete guide to fix Windows Upgrade Error 0x800F081E – 0x20003 in Windows 10

Sometimes, Windows users experience error 0x800F081E – 0x20003 during Windows Upgrade process and this tends to suddenly interrupted the functioning of the system.

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In this context, we shall look into the nature of this Windows Upgrade error and how to fix it quickly.

More information about Windows Upgrade Error 0x800F081E – 0x20003 in Windows 10?

Basically, this Windows error is a Windows status code for CBS_E_NOT_APPLICABLE which indicates that some of the update requirements are missing or the files that are installed are already of a higher version compared to the ones that are still pending. In most cases, this error occurs when you try to upgrade to earlier versions of the Windows 10 N edition to a later version.

Here is the full content of the error message:

0x800f081E-0x20003, The installation failed in the SECOND_BOOT phase with an error during BOOT operation

In case you don't know, Microsoft distributes special “N” editions of Windows in Europe and the “KN” editions in Korea. These editions are the same as the standard editions of Windows except that they do not have the Windows Media Player as well as the multimedia playback features. Thus, when the Windows Upgrade fails with the error code and error message and it doesn’t provide much information as to why the update couldn’t be installed, there is something you can do about it to fix the error. Since Windows uses generic error codes and so if you see the error code 0x800f081e, you have to check the error log first.

How to troubleshoot Windows Upgrade Error 0x800F081E – 0x20003 in Windows 10?

To know more about the cause of this Windows problem, it is best to check the logs to get the exact content of this error.

To do this, simply follow the instructions laid out below.

Step 1: You need to navigate to C:$WINDOWS.~BTSourcesPanther and from there look for the txt file named “setuperr.log” and open it with a text viewer/editor program like Notepad.

Step 2: After opening the setuperr.log file, you should see a content that’s similar to this:

C:WINDOWSSoftwareDistributionDownload80b2677d6e15a2a206625bb25a7124feamd64_Microsoft-Windows-MediaPlayer-Package~~AMD64~~10.0.17134.1. Error: 0x800F081E
2019-09-10 20:26:57, Error SP Operation failed: Add [1] package C:WINDOWSSoftwareDistributionDownload80b2677d6e15a2a206625bb25a7124feamd64_Microsoft-Windows-MediaPlayer-Package~~AMD64~~10.0.17134.1. Error: 0x800F081E[gle=0x000000b7]

Note: From the content above, it is clear that the Windows Upgrade failed due to complete due to the Windows Media Player. It could be that the log file may contain other error message and other error codes and if you see the error code 0x800f081e from the list, then you need to uninstall the Media Feature Pack.

Step 3: You have to uninstall the Media Feature Pack.

i. Tap the Win + R keys to launch the Run dialog box and type “optionalfeatures.exe” in the field and hit Enter to open the Windows Features wizard.

ii. Next, you need to wait until the list of Windows Features populates and then click on the + sign to collapse the folder of the Media Features.

iii. After that, uncheck the "Windows Media Player" option from the Media Features folder.

iv. Now click on the Yes and OK buttons to save the changes made and then close the Windows Features dialog box.

v. Restart your computer and on boot, try to run the Windows Upgrade process again and check if the error is fixed or not.

How to fix Windows Upgrade Error 0x800F081E – 0x20003 in Windows 10?

To fix this error, follow the tips provided below.

If the installation has been successfully completed, you have to go back to the Windows Features and enable the Windows Media Player again. And if you are using the Windows 10 N Edition, then you can just download and install the latest version of the Media Feature Pack for your Windows 10 N edition. 

On the other hand, running the built-in Windows Update troubleshooter could also help you resolve any Windows Update-related problems, including the error 0x800F081E – 0x20003. 

To run it;

i. Go to Settings and then select Troubleshoot from the options. 

ii. From there, click on Windows Update and then click the “Run the troubleshooter” button.

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