Best method to change server hostname in Ubuntu

Setting the right hostname for a server is very important in order to resolve properly when linked to a domain name.

How to Check if your Linux Memory usage is running out

It is vital for you to check if your Linux memory is running low to help your server to stay optimized.

Installing Netdata and secure using Nginx basic http authentication

Netdata is very essential utility application which provides a real-time monitoring service for Linux systems and applications by displaying interactive charts which can be viewed via a web browser.

Easy way to free disk space on CentOS 7

The most effective method of clearing up disk space via the inbuilt resources in CentOS. This Tutorial will show you how to free up space in your CentOS machine Safely and effectively without loosing vital files.

Fix unallocated disk space to extend a disk partition in Ubuntu Debian RHEL and CentOS

Allowing your server disk to use all its disk space will help to improve the functionality and performance of your server in general. It is very common for unallocated disk space to be unused by default.

Setting up Let's Encrypt SSL for domains hosted on an Apache web server based on CentOS 7

Let's Encrypt has gained popularity because they offer free SSL for millions of websites all over the world. They are a non-profit certificate authority run by Internet Security Research Group (ISRG) that provides X. 509 certificates for Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption free of charge. The certificate is usually valid for 90 days after which is expires pending when it is renewed.

Disabling crashkernel on CentOS 7

Crashkernel feature uses up a useful amount of memory which is needed by the system itself. Therefore it is best to disable this feature to save up more memory for the System in general. Here is an easy procedure to Disable crashkernel in CentOS.

How to solve crash in virtual servers when running Xen 4.8 and later versions

Resolving the bug in Xen version 4.8 and later versions in CentOS and Ubuntu Based Linux Distribution by easy to use techniques and modifying the kernel parameters.

Easiest method of restarting Webmin and Virtualmin

This Tutorial will show you the easiest method of restarting a server based on a Webmin and Virtualmin control panel

Method of installing MariaDB on CentOS 7

MariaDB is a very popular Database management system which is open source. It is well know as being stable and in this context , we will analyze how to get it running on your CentOS 7 Linux machine.

Fix SQL server error 233 in Microsoft

Most Microsoft SQL Server users experience an error 233 when they are trying to login to their database.

How to disable weak SSH ciphers in Linux

Is it difficult to disable weak SSH ciphers in your Linux Machine? We will help you.

Fix Linux Disk space running out error

When iNodes space is exhausted , the server performance will be affected and could be frustrating to fix especially when you are sure that you have not used up all your server resources.

How to Configure Automatic Unattended Updates on Ubuntu 20.04 ?

This article covers how to enable automatic updates on Ubuntu 20.04. In fact, Regularly updating your server is a crucial aspect to the overall security of your system.

Sysadmins must be concerned about the security of Linux servers. Installing security updates on time fixes vulnerabilities that could be exploited by malicious individuals to gain access to the system.

How to Enable automatic updates ?

Edit the 20auto-upgrades configuration file as follows:

$ sudo vim /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/20auto-upgrades

This file has only two lines.

The first line is responsible for updating the package lists, while the second initiates the automated upgrades. The auto-update and auto-upgrade are enabled by the value "1." Set this value to "0" if you wish to disable it.

Manually updating your Linux system is a task that's easy to overlook, especially when you’re always dealing with other issues that arise. Configuring automatic updates provides an easy way to get the security patches and feature updates regularly.

How to install and configure CentOS 8 on VirtualBox

This article will guide you through the processes of Installing VirtualBox, CentOS 8 as a Virtual Machine (VM) on VirtualBox.